Sunday, June 28, 2009

I have been bad

I realize that I definitely suffer from attention deficit disorder when it comes to stitching. I decided that since there was no way I was going to finish my dragon by the end of June as I had planned (though I have made some progress on him...)

I might as well throw aside all my WIPs and start some new projects. First is this cute patriotic freebie . I did this on coffee-dyed Aida. Sorry for the craptastic picture (here and elsewhere). I do have a decent camera, I'm just a lousy photographer.

I then finished it as a box top using an unfinished small box which I stained, painted white and then sanded. I like prim/antique stuff, can you tell?

I think I have a thing for little boxes. Here is another one which I did previously--the design is the Goode Huswife's Nine Patch Pincushion.

I then I embarked on another freebie, Coffin Buzz from Plum Street Samplers.

I had wanted to do this one for some time since I am pretty much known for being nonfunctional until I take in at least two cups of coffee. My DD's friend wrote in her yearbook, "I guess I'll see you at Starbucks this summer..."

I finally found a copy of the Just Cross Stitch issue with the Christmas ornies but the thing I liked the most was the patriotic angel stitched on perforated paper which I am working on currently, but I am only a few dozen stitches into it so really not worth a picture.

Summer has arrived and it is hot and miserable. The only thing I like about the entire season, aside from the 4th of July, is my garden and having homegrown tomatoes. After the 4th, I will be counting down the days until fall arrives!

I am still patiently (not) waiting for my Silkweavers order so I can start Mary Wigham. I was not crazy about the recommended colors so I decided to do MW in various shades of blue, brown & gray.

Lastly, here is my baby Cody wondering why I am outside taking pictures first thing in the morning.

Have a good holiday and keep cool everyone! Thanks again for all the nice comments!


Sadie said...

Beautiful stitching and I LOVE the boxes, especially the white one. What a great way to display your stitching. Cody is a very handsome chap.
Have a great weekend x

Linda said...

Hi, I have that sweet patriotic freebie too(yet to do)...yours looks great, I love the way you finished it and the Nine Patch too. Have a Happy 4th of July...hugs, Linda

5footrunt said...

Those boxes look great. What a neat way to finish them. I agree with about the tomatoes. They are so much better than those hydroponic ones they sell in the stores. I hope your order comes in soon.

Sandy In Montana said...

Those boxes are wonderful, I'm also a sucker for primitive and country touches around the house and yard.
Happy Stitching and Happy 4th of July.

Carolyn NC said...

Great stitching - I love this Nine Patch Design from GH. If you ever want to sell the pattern or anything, I'd be glad to buy it! Love the fresh tomatoes (yum) and your cat.!

Nancy said...

Very cute boxes! The dragon is coming along nicely even if you didn't make your deadline. We won't have ripe tomatoes for awhile yet. It hasn't been very warm at night around here.

ange said...

i must have at least 15-20 wips right now, so you're not the only one with stitching ADD!