Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have seen the light and in fact emerged from the tunnel

That is, the long dark tunnel of auction-donation stitching! We do love our school but that fundraising auction comes along as inevitable (and unavoidable) as death and taxes every year :) This is one of my two offerings this year--Quaker Christmas Tree Companion Two by the Good Huswife, done on some lovely Goldspinner linen from Silkweavers, using Belle Soie Cranberry, B.S. Harvest and pretty overdyed "spice" floss from Victorian Motto Sampler Shop. Obviously this was not the original color scheme, but I could not resist using the Belle Soie. I wanted to do some Christmas pieces since the auction is held in mid-November and lots of folks go there to do holiday shopping. The other piece I donated was LHN's Poinsettia House which I stitched earlier this year--accidentally deleted the picture, so I will have to post that later. Frederick is staying with me, not quite finished yet, but close--DD did not want him to be given away. I don't know about Blueberry Hill, I might finish it sometime...or not. I still have a hard time bringing myself to stitch on aida.

After many moons, I think I am almost done with the Please Pass the Biscornu exchange. This
cutie I received from Gillian, and
the pumpkin biscornu was my last, which went to Nita. I was an interesting exchange...not very well organized, and the moderator disappeared early on and actually deleted the blog before the exchange had been completed, but the ladies involved were all very nice and very talented. Hope we meet up again sometime!

Now I can finish up my last few exchanges and more importantly get back to Halloween stitching! I can't believe October is almost over already. This month goes by much too fast for me. I don't have a lot of Halloween stuff to show but I did
manage to finish Raven's Roost, which now lives on DD's bookshelf next to her non-Twilight vampire series. No Twllight allowed in our house! I'm currently working on Witch's Ball which will be a birthday gift for my Halloween-loving BFF.
Until next time, happy stitching and thank you for all your very kind comments!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

death by UFO

Happy October everyone (greatest month of the year in my humble opinion)! I still have not much to show but in between stitching for various exchanges I have been working on some very old UFOs, Frederick here being one...I just loved this pattern and had to have it the moment it was released, but I fizzled on the border...and I have moments when I'm not sure about the fabric either. I was considering framing & donating it to the kiddies' school for the annual fundraising auction which is coming up soon, assuming I can motivate myself to put in the last few stitches, but wanted to get some opinions--finish, or use as bedding for DD's new mouse?

Same thing for this one--Blueberry Hill, one of my oldest UFOs--so old it's done on aida (yuk). I gave the school a few other Linda Myers pieces in the past and they sold. Worthwhile to finish or should I not bother? I do have the option of fulfilling my obligations by writing the school a check in lieu of donating anything, thank goodness : )
I have some exchanges in the mail so hopefully I'll have more to show next time.