Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Over already?!, another exchange and another leg on the journey

I am trying not to slip into post-Halloween depression...another 364 days to wait!  Oh well.  It's not like I will stop stitching Halloween.  Speaking of which, we exchangers in the Stitched with Love Fall into Halloween exchange got word that we could post our goodies on our blogs, so...
here is what I received from Christina..the adorable pin pillow is Halloween Pin Garden by Raise the Roof Designs, and she also sent a Halloween banner (which is still in DD's room and probably will be for quite a while), floss, beads, Steweb scissors (which I had coveted forever), the new BBD Halloween chart, spiderweb napkins and Halloween address labels.  To say the least, a great package, thank you again Christina!

This is what I sent to my partner Heather--the pattern is Babs and Boo by Fresher Threads (I think) from the JCS Halloween book, but instead of stitching the little ghost I substituted a pumpkin button.  I included the Lizzie Kate chart, pumpkin candle mat and stuffed pumpkin, mini holiday cookie cutters and recipe cards and a little DMC magnetized needle case. Hopefully Heather likes everything!  
For those LOTR fans who were following my somewhat leisurely walk, I have finally made it the 458 miles from Hobbiton to Rivendell.  I started out strong on this challenge and did pretty well during summer, but once the kids started school...oh well.  I am now off on the next leg of the journey from Rivendell to Lothlorien, 462 miles.   I am hoping to finish by June 1 next year  but we'll see how that goes :0

By the way, I have made it through this holiday once again without getting a good scare..I don't know if it's because I'm jaded or because real life is so much more horrific than anything an author or screenwriter can come up with, but in any event, I am in search of good scary (suspenseful, not gory) movies or books to get me through my Halloween withdrawal.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!