Sunday, September 26, 2010

and the winner is...

Just a drive-by post today to announce the pictures of anything since my camera has gone missing:( I went for the old-fashioned method of slips of paper in a bowl (thew some catnip leaves in too to see if my cats would pick a winner, but they just picked out the catnip and left the paper lol). Flaglady 8, I do not have an e-mail address for you, so please contact me with your mailing info and I will get your package out to you as soon as I can. Thank you everyone for entering and your very kind comments!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

blasts from the past and S.A.B.L.E. giveaway

I know, two posts in two days...either feast or famine with my wee blog : ) I was looking through some photos of vacation yesterday, this being one--one thing they have lots of in PA is corn--and remembered that I had taken pictures of some cross stitch in my parents' house that I gifted them over the years.

I'd like to say I remember the names of these designs but I don't--I think the blue house pillow was from a cross stitch book. The other pillow is a Prairie Schooler design but I don't know which one. My DD thought it very odd that I was photographing pillows.

Kinda difficult to get good pictures of framed pieces because of the flash/glass interaction, but I took a few anyway. This is the Goode Huswife's 1824 Penny Rug sampler, one of my favorite pieces that I've gifted to someone else. At least it's still in the family : )
and another Goode Huswife piece,
Pennsylvania Quilt Pincushion (I think).

I heard from Mayte that she did receive my replacement BBD exchange (whew) but I will have to wait to borrow one of her photos since I neglected to take one myself.

On to what I'm sure you've been waiting for, the giveaway! I've been on a list-making spree lately and that included a list of my current WIPS and charts waiting to be stitched. This as you can imagine was a bit scary--about 15 WIPS/UFOs and some 56 charts as yet untouched, and another pile of charts of things already stitched. So I've hit S.A.B.L.E., I'm sure...and there are things due to be released at market that I've already decided I cannot live without, SO here's the giveaway--and since this photo will not cooperate, a list:
1) BBD Peacock Pinkeep
2)The Goode Huswife Raven's Roost
3) The Primitive Needle Follow Me
4) LHN's Poinsettia House
5) Carriage House Sampling's Samplers in Miniature
6) Notforgotten Farm's Pennsylvania Pillow
7) La D Da's Mocking Bird
8) Carriage House Sampling's Matter's Choice
9) Carriage House Sampling's Fall's Gifts, and
10) Stacy Nash's Liberty Sewing Pouch.
If y'all want individual pictures of any particular chart on the list, just let me know. I've stitched most, not all, of these. Though I have a harder time parting with things not yet stitched since I always think, maybe someday... some of my others which have been in my possession for years (decades?) will no doubt be offered up later this year. If anyone is interested in this batch, just leave a comment on this post. I will draw a winner in one week on next Sunday. Good luck!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

no time and too much stuff to do in it

(if that even makes sense). This pretty much sums up my existence at this point. Things be a bit hectic. Between the kids' school stuff, work (inconvenient and often boring but unfortunately necessary), volunteer activites, and a house that needs cleaning no matter how I try to ignore the problem, there's the fact that I've signed up for a zillion exchanges and need to stitch for my BF's birthday, DD's birthday and the school's annual fundraising auction. It's so bad I actually dragged out a calendar and made a stitching schedule. My blogging and blog-reading and commenting have definitely gone by the wayside!

I have a (very few) things to show. I did do a lot of stitching during vacation but I think many of those finishes will end up being exchange pieces, so I won't show them here at this point. I didn't go too crazy at my favorite cross stitch shop in Reading (about two minutes after we walked in the door DS asked when we were leaving) but I did pick up a few BBD patterns--one of which was the Peacock Pinkeep above-- and indulged in some Belle Soie for the first time (which I love). I also finished a few WIP's including this little Goode Huswife quaker.

I hope to have some exchanges to show soon. I had to stitch a replacement piece for Mayte for the BBD exchange since this went missing, much to my distress (although, according to the post office records, it was delivered, Mayte never received it--she lives in an apartment complex and I am afraid someone might have stolen it). I sent the replacement piece with signature confirmation required, but she never received the notice (although, again, according to the P.O., a notice was left). I hope the second turns up since I don't know if I can produce a third!

Thanks all for letting me rant. I promise the next post will have more stitching and less complaining : ) At least the weather's cooled off...and only a little over a month until Halloween!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

bad bad blogger

That's me. I have been back from PA for a week and just have had too much stuff to get caught up on to make it to the computer--and DD and DS are back at school, so unless I happen to be up at 5am or thereabouts blogging might be scarce. I did want to show some exchanges I received--here is my gift for the Blackbird Designs exchange from Laura R., Pumpkin Blossom, front and back....

and two biscornus received from Michelle for the Please Pass the Biscornu exchange, one a Sweetheart Tree design and one Michelle's own design. Sorry for the crappy photos. They are both beautiful!

I did lots of stitching during vacation but haven't taken any pictures yet so I will share next time. I think a small giveaway is in order in the near future since I now have over 100 followers. Until next time...