Monday, January 9, 2012

Catching up and my first WIPocalypse 2012 update

Well, I will get the WIPocalypse out of the way first since that will be a quickie.  I started and finished In the Sweet over the weekend--my first WIP success (hopefully not the last, but..).  Here is the before and after.

I am re-starting Secret Pumpkin Patch next.   I have no "before" pics of that one (I am blogging at work again--I am a bad person) but that should also be a quick finish.

Now for the catch-up.  Some time ago (in November of 2011) a Yahoo group to which I belonged announced a fall stitching competition.  No one was supposed to post pictures online prior to the voting on the pieces since voting was to be anonymous.  After several weeks this process finally got off the ground and--my entry was not there.  All that patience expended for nothing, lol.  So here it is--my own semi-original design (with motifs supplied by Jennie Lynn (hope I am spelling her name correctly)  from the Samplermakers group for her Autumn Stitching Challenge.

And here are the promised exchange pictures.  The first I received from Tatyana from the last Blackbird Designs exchange round.
This is the stitched piece from my partner Colleen from the Stitched with Love Winter Wonderland exchange.  Colleen sent tons of other goodies as well (most of which have already been put to use).  Oddly enough, this was the very same pattern that I stitched for my partner in this exchange.   Unfortunately, the pictures of what I sent for both exchanges are on my home computer--the dangers of blogging at work!   I will try to remember them for my next update.  Thank you again Tatyana and Colleen--sorry it has taken me so long to post pictures!

Any finally, some recent stitching that I have not gotten around to showing off.   I won a fantastic de-stash giveaway not too long ago from Danielle of Peace Love and Stitching--many charts that I been eyeing, and some even kitted up!
Danielle had gotten a start on this cute little Shepherd's Bush pincushion so it was a quick finish for me.  Sorry for the blurry picture, this is a teeny thing and I have a difficult time taking pictures of teeny!

 This guy was also part of the giveaway. I wanted this little LHN sheepie from the first moment I saw him.  I am thinking of doing a simple finish  like this as a pincushion without the borders and snow at the bottom.

I've got a few more finishes but I should probably at least pretend to be working for a while.  Until next time...