Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Love & Friendship & Farm Animals

Hello all.  I am trying to post more than my once-a month Wipocalypse report--not an easy task! I envy those of you who manage to do so on a weekly basis...

So here is the farm animal mentioned in the post title--Sophie's Sheep by Plum Street samplers on willow green cashel.  Wrinkled of course, but at least pretty close to being done.  I changed the colors a little to what I had on hand since a run to the LNS to pick up floss was Mission Impossible.

I took part in Lainey's Stitched with Love Exchange--Love and Friendship this round.  A lot of fun as usual.  This is what I sent to Bronwyn in Australia.  The pinkeep is The Trilogy's Happy Heart Heart Day.  Bronwyn says she really enjoyed the Moose Munch!
This is what I received from Fiona.  The adorable pin pillow is by Primitive Betty and the lace is from my favorite, The Victorian Motto Sampler shop.  Thank you Fiona!

This will have to be another short one--gotta run kid #1 to school already.  Until next time...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WIPocalypse Part Two

This will be a very short post.  Now that I actually WANT to stitch, it seems that I have no time. Work. School. Swim team. Scouts. Etc.  I made my wrinkly Photobooth Snowmen my second WIP of the year, but wasn't able to finish in time for the full moon post.  It's disheartening that it takes me so long just to finish teeny pieces.
I did make good on my vow to get cracking on charts that have been sitting untouched in a bin for years--Pink Hill Manor here being one of those.  I love stitching little houses and I (usually) love BBD, so I'm not quite sure why I can't get into the Anniversaries of the Heart series.  Sadly I stalled out on this one, I just got so bored with it .
 I did stitch something for an exchange...which I can't show yet.  And something for a contest...which I don't think I can show yet.  So...a short post but kind of a downer!  I'm blaming my blah mood on winter.  Hopefully I will have more energy next month!