Saturday, December 18, 2010

to anyone who is still following this blog...

Thanks!! My postings are becoming more and more, er, random.
I have not had any traumatic life event that has kept me away from the computer...just good old-fashioned laziness and a bit of distraction. You see, I'm in, not with some guy. I bought myself a Kindle for my birthday a month ago and he (his name is Alastair) and I have hardly been apart since. So, as I've read about 15 books in the past month, very little stitching has been going on around here. Also for some reason, I cannot sign in to my blog at work any more (which is where I do most of my blog reading and commenting) and have had some difficulty accessing other people's blogs, so I feel quite out of the blogging loop now :((

One of the (very) few things I was able to finish this past month was my BBD exchange piece for my partner Patty, the Summer House pincushion from the Honeysuckle Manor booklet. This was the first time I had made a pincushion of this type and I'm afraid that I was a bit overenthusiastic with the ground walnut shells--the thing weighed about 10 pounds when I was done with it--but thankfully Patty liked it anyway (failing all else she can use it as a paperweight).

And this is what I received from my partner Lisa in the same exchange--the smaller piece is a motif from Blessings and Kind Wishes, and the larger pin pillow is the "Now I Know My ABC's" freebie--both beautifully stitched and finished!

No other new stitching--but I did finish a few things I had stashed away in a drawer for xmas gifts.These little quilt squares had been sitting around forever (so long that I forgot the name of the pattern/designer) so, since I was not about to put down the aforementioned Kindle and stitch something new, I finished them as ornies for the kiddies' teachers this year.

For me mum and dad I finished my Goode Huswife Pennsylvania Pillowe into... (gasp) a pillow, and
finally got around to completing my Carriage
House Pennsylvania Dutch stocking (yes I know it's a bad picture), which has been sitting in a drawer unfinished for so long I don't think it's ever made it onto this blog.

I am finally feeling the urge to pick up needle and thread again, so hopefully I will have something to show for it next time.
For all who celebrate it, I hope you all have a great Christmas!