Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my monthly post

I had fully intended to post to this blog more often, but in the mad dash in the morning to get two kids off to two different schools, feed everyone, make lunches, etc.  it just doesn't happen, and I usually have but that one small window of uninterrupted computer access during the day :(  Just as well, I don't have a whole lot to show...I have been stitching, but mostly for exchanges (four to be exact--not sure exactly what I was thinking) so not much I can show right now.  I did take a couple of my old finishes and put them into box form, including the one above--a Goode Huswife quaker design done on willow green linen and trimmed with some of the antique lace I acquired at a garage sale during my recent trip.   The other is BBD's Peacock Pincushion, done on the recommended fabric with Belle Soie Cranberry (I think). 

I do have one other BBD finish (please forgive the quality of the photos and the lurid green background, I took some rather hasty snaps this morning on my son's funky cordoroy chair), Home of the Brave done with Cherry Bark on some very pretty Silkweaver fabric which I forgot the name of since I take everything out of its package once it arrives :)  The other snap is of my almost-finish, In the Sweet by La D Da.  Despite being within a few dozen stitches of finishing this little piece I have chucked it aside for the time being as the frogs are enamoured of those (*(&^ little flowers at the bottom...
This is what I am working on currently--love this pattern, the fabric (R &R 18th Century Mustard Seed) and threads (Belle Soie Noir).  This is will be a gift for a like-minded friend for an upcoming holiday :) Since it is only a few days until fall, and a little over a month until my favorite day of the year, I will give away a little something to the first person who guesses the name of the pattern and designer.  Just comment on this post, and if you want to play make sure I have a way to contact you.  Thanks much for visting!