Thursday, August 13, 2009

it's halloweeeen!

OK not really. But by mid-August, in addition to beginning my Halloween stitching, I drag out my boxes of fall and spooky decorations. The kids are into it and DH just looks and me and shakes his head, at which point we all remind him that the Great Pumpkin is going to leave him nothing again.

I haven't actually done any Halloween stitching yet, though I have plenty, since I'm saving it for vacation in a few days' time--the kids and I are leaving the land of brush fires and strip malls and spending a few weeks in quaint and idyllic Amish country with the grandparents. The only problem with this (for me anyway) is the 5 + hour flight. Ah, flying--the joys of (simultaneously) attempting to be calm and reassuring to an 11-year-old who has expressed concerns as to the safety of air travel, and mentally cussing out the flight attendant who is taking FOR-EVER to make it down the aisle with the cart of alco-beverages.

Aside from planning what to stitch, I have done some actual stitching. I finished a piece for an exchange and put a few (very few) stitches into my Mary Wigham. Still on Part 1 of 9. I have resigned myself to the fact that I will probably be the last person on the planet to finish this project.

Sibley Hall is limping along--actually not too far from completion. I just have to finish the alien-looking sheep creatures on the lawn.

I even took out the Carriage House creatures, two of my older WIPs, Frederick and Spot the Horse, thinking that I might actually fnish something before we leave, but it was not to be.

I also wanted to show off what I received in a floss exchange on ILCS from Lisa. These are Carrie's Creation threads--I had never used them before but they are beautiful. I love getting stuff in the mail!

And lastly, but cetainly not leastly, I felt the urge to brag on my DD a bit. She is exhibiting some of her artwork at her school tomorrow. I think she does pretty well for a kid still a few months shy of her 12th birthday.

I don't think I'll be blogging for a while...I'll be lucky if I can beg for a few minutes on my nephew's computer to check e-mail. I do appreciate everyone's comments though, they inspire me to keep stitching. Until next time!