Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm stitching again...blogging not so much

The title says it all I think. Thankfully I'm over the stitching slump, but whenever I contemplate the blog it's like...meh, too much work : ) But since I had a (small) burst of energy this morning I decided to post some recent finishes and assorted other stuff.
First off is my offering for the Seasonal Exchange--the latest freebie from Primitive Betty, finished as a pin pillow stuffed with crushed walnut shells and trimmed with brown chenille for my partner Pirjo in Finland. The fabric it is sitting on was used for backing. Haven't received my exchange yet, but hopefully soon!
I am soo ready for fall, as I'm sure most everyone is after this horrendous summer, and had to get a start on Halloween stitching. I received this Mill Hill kit as part of a giveaway from Ranae of Stitch by Stitch some time ago and finally got around to completing
it, using perforated paper instead of the linen.
Since Kitty Witch needed companions I stitched this little owl, a freebie from Cherrywood Studios, and a crow from Stone and Thread. Of course now some finishing needs to be done but I'm pacing myself :) Please forgive the awful photos but it is difficult for someone with my poor photography skills to get a decent shot of something this teeny. I swear I'm going to take a class or something before my next blog post.
And in keeping with the Halloween theme I pick up my old Kindred Spirits WIP again. I really love this design but I threw it aside in disgust some time ago when I realized (after I had stitched the words) that "kindred" was charted as "kindrid" which, well, is not right. Having overcome this obstacle, I hope to finish fairly soon once I tackle that monotonous border.
I hope I haven't bored anyone too much yet. I have some last-ditch summery-type finishes as well (when I get over a slump, I really get over it). This is BBD's Gathering Basket, sans basket which I didn't especially care for, done with random overdyed threads kinda close to what was called for, on a random piece of blue linen. And finally (for stitching anyway) a freebie from Little House Needlework, Summer House, again done with whatever random overdyed threads caught my eye. And no, I don't iron, lol. Ever.
Are you bored yet? Well get ready :) Here are some vacation pics.
OK this first is not a vaction pic--we went to a dog show locally and I could not resist getting a shot of this guy. He stayed in his car the whole time we were there--hope he wasn't glued down or anything.
So where did we go? Pennsylvania of course. I never tire of PA--what can I say, I love corn.
My first-ever (and possibly last) corn maze...
county fair with lots of livestock and other fair-like things...
This totally awesome antique sleigh which I really really wanted, no matter that it would not fit in my luggage and I don't really know what I would do with a sleigh.
These guys seem to have had a good time--a last little summer fling. DD
is starting high school in a few days
and I am already back to work so the good times are over for a while :(
Thanks for hanging in this long lol. I am going to try to post more frequently so I don't have to write a novel to get caught up again. Thank you all for visiting and for your comments!


Kathy A. said...

What lovely stitching you have done! I so understand the pull between stitching, blogging and commenting. I prefer to be stitching.I feel like I just can't keep up any more. Do you?

Stitchin' Sweet Sue said...

Good to see you posting, great finishes ~ hope your summer is going well:)

Sandy In Montana said...

Beautiful finishes, Marjorie.

Take Care & Happy Stitchin'
Hugs, Sandy

Hazel said...

Beautiful stitching wips! I particularly like that owl. x

Kathy said...

Lots and lots of great stitching. As well as some lovely vacation shots. I too love PA. :) It's where I went to college. Love the photo of the pup dressed up for driving. LOL

I really like your exchange piece. That freebie pattern is adorable. And I think the Kindred spirits one will look fabulous. I too would have change the spelling. :)

Have a great week.

Pumpkin said...

Maybe it's a good thing to not Blog ;o) LOL! Glad to see you back though! Look at all that great stitching that you got done!

LOVE the picture of the dog in the car :o)

Margaret said...

What a lot of stitching you've gotten done! All beautiful too! A corn maze sounds like fun. :D Never been in one.

Vicky L said...

Your stitching is wonderful and you did so much! The exchange is beautiful. Glad you had great time in PA. I love antique sleighs too!

Gabi said...

Beautiful stitching Marjorie. Love all of them. Glad you found your stitching mojo back. And all of your projects are so lovely. Congrats on these beautiful finishes.

Mindi said...

You've been doing some beautiful stitching. I feel your pain with the border on Kindred Spirits, I hate stitching repetitive borders. Its funny how stitchers seem to be divided into either alphabet or border camps.

Sparkles 'n' Stitching said...

What a great update, you sure have a lot of stitchy progress

mdgtjulie said...

What lovely pics you took at the fair, and on vacation. Wonderful. And grats on all the finishes. Wow!!! When you get over a slump, you really DO get over that slump!! Grats on all the progress!

Berit said...

Yay for stitching and Kindred Spirits! I picked that one up again this week and it seems like such slow going! lol!

Catherine said...

Love all your stitches!! Glad you had fun in Pa!! Maybe some time when you come, we can meet up!

Argante said...

What lovely stitching you have done! Thanks yo have visited The Primitive Hare :-) I really love 'Halloween Stitches' :-)))

Nice to meet you
The Primitive HAre