Saturday, June 12, 2010

another week and not a lot to show

Hi everyone,
I think the title of this post says it all. This was kiddies' last week of school and with the end-of-the year parties, procuring the traditional teacher gifts and everything else, I have had hardly a minute to sit my butt in a chair and stitch. I had a "where have the years gone" moment when I dropped off Daughter for her last day of 7th grade. I always get sad at the end of the school year (my kids have the opposite reaction). This year was particularly bad. In a year's time she will be off to high school--what the...? What happened to the two-year-old who used to walk around with a baggie full of plastic dinosaurs? Eighth grade graduation is going to be tough (for me anyway), even more so as she will be leavng the much-loved school she's attended since her preschool days. Crap. Maybe I can sneak some white wine in a Sparklets bottle into wherever they have the graduation ceremony.

On a happier note (kinda) I have been working on The Goode Huswife's Quaker Four Corners sampler but the frogs have been jumping, leaping, cavorting all over this little piece so progress has been painfully slow. I am currently picking out the entire motif on the lower left corner... and just the "W" in the alphabet had to be frogged three times! Arrgh.

The rest of my own stitching has been on exchange pieces so I have no more of my own work to show. I did receive two exchanges this week. This one is from Michelle for the Seasonal Exchange--it is a JBW design stitched with Dragon Floss thread and beautifully finished. Thank you Michelle! I don't have a lot of summer-themed goodies for decorating (definitely NOT my favorite season--I feel a lengthy rant coming on about all the things that are wrong with summer--maybe the next post : )) so this will be displayed prominently! The other piece was from Julie for the Summer Ornament exchange for the ILCS Yahoo group. Julie did not mention who the designer was, but it is cute and I love her finishing--I will definitely have to try making a no-sew cube sometime.
Since I have nothing else to show, I took some snaps of my pups, who hardly ever make it on to the blog, with good reason--I had to wait at least 10 minutes for them to hold still so I could take a picture. Can you tell they've been chasing each other all over the yard?

And the garden...tiny corn plants are tiny no more, and hopefully soon I will be enjoying my home-grown tomatoes...

That's all for this week. Don't forget to enter my giveaway (previous post). Happy Stitching!


Margaret said...

It's hard when your kids grow up, isn't it? I know how you're feeling. My oldest just finished her 2nd year of college, which is totally unbelievable to me. And my youngest just finished his 2nd year of high school. Again unbelievable!

Love your Quaker piece -- bummer about the frogs! The two exchange pieces you received are nice too! You have cute pups too!

Emily said...

Lovely exchange pieces, that chocolate one fits me very well. Garden look nice, homegrown tomatoes are just to die for. Agree with you on the many reasons to dislike summer.

Lauralee said...

I don't know, I'm enjoying the heck out of my empty nest ~ older DD is married and expecting first grandchild and younger DD is in college and about to (hopefully) join the Navy. They still call me 5-6 times a day though.... ;o)

Love the GH Quaker piece ~ I've been dealing with frogs of my own on La-D-Da Quaker Alphabet

htimcj said...

Pretty flowers. Sorry I can't help you identify them. Your stiching RAK is really nice and I love your biscornu. It will beautiful when done. Your ABC piece is coming along really fast. Can't wait to see your 'perfect" frame for it.

htimcj said...

Please ignore my last post. It copied the previous Blogger post I made. No idea why. What I was trying to say was
Time does go by so quickly with the little ones. Mine just finished 1st grade. The exchanges are beautiful and your garden is great.

Lisa V said...

I know how you feel about Summer, I have many bad things I can say about it too, especially here in Australia. We are in Winter at the moment but its only just starting to get colder, no rain yet. boo hoo.

AFwife99 said...

Lovely stitching. I like the garden pictures too.

Katrien said...

you recieved some great exchanges (love the chocolate one). Your own stitching looks great too!

Pumpkin said...

I can't imagine what it's like to see your child grow up. It must be hard, especially when it's time to let them go. You'll be alright though, especially if you can sneak in a bit of wine with you ;o)

Oh dear :o( That piece just doesn't want to be stitched! LOL! I hope the frog disappears soon.

Those are some adorable pieces that you received. I'm not familiar with the second designer at all.

Love the pictures of the pups :o)

Meari said...

The exchanges are really beautiful. Hey, a little progress is better than no progress. :)

Linda said...

QFC is going to be wonderful even with all the friendly frogs....I know what those little critters are like:). I like the sweet exchange piece, and how true about chocolate...LOL.

It seems time really does fly and the older I get the faster it seem like just yesterday my daughter was going off to school and all of a sudden she's an adult...but there are still wonderful times as we bounce along...hugs, Linda