Thursday, October 8, 2009

farewell Jasmine and other news

Well, dear Jasmine has gone on to her new home. I had quite a time getting her there, however. The weekend following my last post, with about a week to finish this project, I became deathly ill with some horrible flu-like illness and spent about 3 days literally unable to get out of bed, much less stitch. When I finally emerged from my mental fog, I looked for Jasmine and could not find her. Anywhere. Rest assured I do not have a cavernous house to search--it's more the equivalent of a shoebox--and all my WIPs are kept, in separate baggies, in one large basket. I started to worry that I would not be able to use my favorite mommy line on the kids--"Well, (fill in the blank) didn't disappear into thin air..." since my stuff was, in fact, disappearing into thin air. Then finally late Wednesday night I found her, in her baggie, wedged into the space in between my bed and the wall. I still have no idea how she got there. I suppose in my flu-induced delusional state I took her to bed with the idea of stitching in between bouts of throwing up? Somehow I managed to finish her in the remaining two days before the party--I left out some of the backstitching, which I didn't like the look of anyway, some beads and some details on the dress, but she turned out O.K. anyway--at least she has legs now. Unfortunately, since I was still stitching until within about half an hour before we had to leave for the kid's party, I only had time for one photo, which is not that great,'s all I have to show!

I also managed to get through the first round of the LHN exchange, and the exchange piece was received by my partner, but...can't show that either, since I forgot to take a photo, and said piece is now in Belgium. But this is what I received from Jennifer. Is
cute, no?

I think I am addicted to exchanging. I signed up
for the second round of the LHN exchange, joined a BBD exchange and a biscornu exchange which should be interesting since I've never made a biscornu before. Hopefully my partner for that one will have a sense of humor.

I finally have some Halloween stitching to show as well--Scared Silly by Birds of a Feather, done with the recommended Weeks threads on Silkweaver Starquest laguna. I also broke my stash diet and picked up some Halloween charts

one of which I could not
resist starting. I definitely need some more Primitve Needle charts.

I got a start on Hallow's Nigh by Notforgotten Farm too, but this one has come to a crashing halt as I misplaced this pattern--seems to be a recurring theme with me these past few weeks. If my senioritis continues to progress at this rate I'll be in an assisted living facility by Christmas, lol.

Anyhow, as you may have surmised by my last post, my kiddies and I love their school. Around this time each year the school has its one and only fundraiser, an auction of various items donated by families & friends. I see this as a prime opportunity to re-home some of my finished items--these are the ones I am thinking about donating this year...

Matter's Choice (Carriage House Samplings)

Farmer's Alphabet (Prairie Schooler)

Black Bird and Blue Bird (Bent Creek)

Quaker Heart (Ink Circles) Christmas Tea (Plum Street

and Partridge (Designs by Pamela). I don't have any very large pieces finished so I thought I would pick 3 or 4 of these & have them framed or otherwise suitably finished (by which I mean I will probably take time to pick off all the cat hairs).

That's all my news for the time being. Thanks all for visiting!


Gabi said...

Congrats with all your finishes. Love all of them. Just spent my morning coffee admiring every one of them in close up. Just lovely.

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

From what I can tell, Jasmine looks beautiful! I'm sure it was a hit!!! I have misplaced things before with absolutely no recollection of having touched them. I don't know how that happens, but I'm glad you found sweet Jasmine.

I love the BoaF Scared Silly! Such a cute chart and a beautiful stitch job.

Your PN start looks great - I need more of her patterns, too!

My kid's elementary schools did auction type fundraisers also but I'd be pretty hard pressed to give up such beautiful stitching - especially the PS or CHS designs! Very, very generous of you!

Jade said...

Jasmine looks absolutely great and Scared Silly is so cute! Your stitching is amazing.

Nancy M said...

You've got some great finishes and they should auction off very well and hopefully go to some good homes! Love the scared silly! Glad you found your Jasmine and was able to finish it just in time.

Vicki in CO said...

WOW! I just love your work and your blog is so cute! Love seeing all your stitching!

Carolyn NC said...

Wow - love all the stitching finishes, WIP's and exchanges!

Ranae said...

I love your blog. just reading this one post makes me want to get in my stitchin' chair and stitch away. You have many wonderful things going on.
Thanks for sharing.

StitchWiz said...

Beautiful stitches and I just love that scared silly tee-hee! I'm like make me want to marathon stitch!


blue star stitcher said...

I dont know how you can donate such beautiful stitching, I get way too attached to my peices (even though I have a box of finishes still waiting to be framed). Scared silly turned out very cute and just in time for Halloween!

Jan said...

Wow, great stitching, I love these projects!! And such beautiful things to donate to the school, that is so kind and gracious of you. Hopefully it will be appreciated!!

Love the finishes, kudos!!

Meari said...

More great stitching! Everything is beautifully done :)